Recommended equipment &

4WD vehicle

Cell phone

Plenty of drinking water

Rations to suit intended duration
plus delays

The tour takes Gordon as its starting and finishing points. All distances are measured from there. We advise that you take plenty of drinks, probably a picnic too. The tour takes takes several hours, depending how much you wish to linger along the way. In good weather you could get round in a sedan. If in any doubt, however, take a four-wheel drive. If you really wish to take your time – and enjoy some beautiful country – you can camp at

Walgren Lake, Smith Lake, and at Mari’s gravesite – although be warned that there is no water there, and fires are inadvisable. But we’ve done it. Just watch out for the poison ivy. If the directions we’ve given seem overly fussy and detailed at times, bear in mind that there are very few natural features to help you, even fewer houses – and if you do hit trouble you’ll wait a long time before anyone comes by to help you.




Milepost 82

Turn-off to
Walgren Lake









Leave Gordon on Highway 20, heading West. You will pass through Rushville across Highway 250.

Shortly before Hay Springs, look out for the brown sign pointing left, for the Walgren Lake turn-off at milepost 82. You will turn south on 420 Ln, also called Walgren Lake Road.

(I recently quizzed a Department of Agriculture surveyor about these abbreviations and was assured that Ln stands for 'Lane', Trl for 'Trail' and Rd for 'Road').

You'll see this old Tour sign on the left of the turn off - assumed to be now-defunct.

It’s a little over three miles to the road which leads to the lake. It’s is well signposted, to your left (east). A local legend Mari heard when she was growing up – and she later found reference to the tale in her newspaper researches - had a sea-monster living in the lake. The story gave rise to her short piece “Ossie and the Sea-Monster”.

You can camp here - there are camping and barbecue points in plenty. Make sure you get your license from the Ranger.

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